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5 Random Facts About Stephen!

1. "I sleep walk."

2. "I like feet (If they're good)."

3. "I have dressed in woman's clothing and not on I will survive."

4. "I love baseball. Yankees!"

5. "I love ice cream."

Name: Stephen Mahy

Where You May Know Him From: I Will Survive (Priscilla)

Profession: "Actor."

Influences: "Anthony Warlow, My friends and life."

Inspirations: "Hugh Jackman".

Is Stephen doing any musicals or theatre productions at the moment?
"I'm currently doing a kids show in Manila. I'm playing Patchy the pirate in, 'Sponge Bobs Krabby Patty show', hilarious."

What is Stephen's best experience in his career so far?
"Jersey Boys has to be up there with the best of them."

Who got Stephen into theatre/broadway?
"Bob Philpott. He was a teacher at my school."

If Stephen could play the lead role of any broadway show, what show would he choose?
"Enjolras in Les Mis because It's an all time favorite."

What's coming up for Stephen in the near future?

"Travelling to the states and my new cabaret show. My Cabaret show is yet to be announced. But I will post on my Facebook site and even on twitter as soon as it happens. People can also check out my website They can be lead to my agent through there."

Words of wisdom/advice:
"Recently it's been, You only live once and normally, Don't be bitter be better."