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5 Random Facts About Tj!

 1. "I love my cat Mo! he's huugeeee, haha."

2. "I can walk across a whole room back and forth on my hands."
3. "My favorite movie is Jurrasic park ."
4. "I love call of duty."
5. "I taught myself how to breakdance."
Video Above: Tj's Original, 'Shine'.

Above Video: Tj's Original, 'Hands Up'.

Above Video: Tj and Tae Brooks, Original, 'We Stand.'

Name: Tj Prodigy

Where You May Know Him From: Youtube

Influences:  “My main influences are my older sister who helps me with so much like my videos, websites, and music. My mom, she’s so dedicated to helping me. She’s an amazing support system for me. My older cousin Josh, he helps me keep my swag in check, haha!”

Fan Name: Prodigies ("My fans came up with "Proud Prodigies" as a fanbase :) majority rules haha it stands for they are proud of me, Tj 'Prodigy' :)."

Inspirations: “I am inspired by Eminem, Jake Miller, Dylan Holland, Michael Jackson, and Justin Bieber.”

When Did Tj Start Posting Videos on Youtube?

“I started posting random vids of me at dance competitions and talent shows about a year and a half ago, but those were just for fun. My family really thought I was a great performer so my sister uploaded them. Then I started getting a lot of feedback back and uploaded an anti-bullying video, and to do more to stop bullying I decided to start making music and now it’s something I can see myself doing the rest of my life.”

How Did Tj become interested in rapping?

“Well I've always rapped along to my favourite songs, mostly Eminem tracks,( haha), since I was little, but my sister encouraged me to follow my passion for music and I really wanted to do something that could change someone's life. I wrote my first song,’ We Stand’, and had some help from Tae Brooks (@taebrooks)! Tae worked on the chorus and I worked on the verses. Together we came up with a beast track. Since then I just love music even more and the effect it can have on people’s lives. I love being a part of that!”

What's Coming Up For Tj?

"I am currently working on an EP which is basically an album, just shorter. It'll be 5-7 original songs all written by me! As for touring, I don't have a specific tour in mind yet but I am talking to some management companies and labels in ATL so maybe that's something I will get to plan out if I sign with somebody! But I do a lot of live shows so I'll be around the US :)."

Who would Tj like to collab with?

“I would collab with Jake miller! He is an upcoming rap artist from Miami FL and I hope to be like him someday. He's very well known for his OWN music, which is the same thing I'm trying to do too! I don't want to be known for doing someone else’s music I really want to be known for my own lyrics and my own message. Don't get me wrong, covers are awesome, but it's just not who I personally am. And Jake is a good role model for me because he is doing the same thing.”

Tj words of wisdom/advice: 

"My advice would be to NOT let the bullies take your shine away. For a long time I let words from bullies get the best of me, and they tore me down and took away my self-confidence. I finally realized from some support from other artists that I CAN be who I want and do what I want and there is nothing the bullies can do about it. So my advice is to stand tall, hold your head up high, and SHNE. :) don't let anyone jack your swagger! (meaning don't let anyone try to tell you, you can't be proud of who you are)."